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Greeting of E.F.Lakhova
Greeting of E.F.Lakhova,
President of the Union of Women of Russia
on an occasion of 20th anniversary of IRIDA

To: Maria Esmont,
President of “IRIDA”, Regional Creative
Association of Women Artisrts

Dear Maria Sergeevna,

The Union of Women of Russia heartily congratulates you and all members of “IRIDA” on the occasion of a glorious jubilee of your creative union. Twenty years ago, at dawn of Perestroika time, “IRIDA” became a first women`s creative organization that powerfully claimed its ability to be a defender of rights of women engaged in creative professions. You permanently stress the meaning of the words “woman artist” as a combination of two incarnations – development of personality in creative work and a female predestination to be a keeper of a home hearth.

On our side we feel proud that we were directly involved in the process of creating
such a unique phenomenon in the life of our society and acted as founders of the women artists` association.. Today “IRIDA” is a union of professionals engaged in organizing exhibitions and contests, developing cultural contacts, rendering help to each other both in creative work and in private life.

It will not be exaggeration to say that IRIDA is known now not only in Russia but in other countries, as well. “Spring Salons” staged by IRIDA since 1993, had acquired a high status and became noticeable and prestigious events in the life of our country. Many masters of painting, drawing, sculpturing and applied art have become well- known in the kingdom of Great Art owing to their initial participation in “Spring Salons”.
Your enthusiasm, devotion to your pursuit to a great extent determined a successful activity of your creative union. You painfully feel how a lack of good deeds , morals and culture are harmful to society and you sense your personal responsibility for spiritual health of society, family, children.

The Union of Women of Russia values very high your personal contribution to educational and charitable activity of our organization.
20 years is a rather young age, a beginning of all commencements .We wish ” IRIDA” new achievements and new discoveries in creative work. All the best to “IRIDA”s artists and to members of their families.

Yours sincerely,

President, the Union of Women of Russia