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The creative “COOKROOM”
A starting point of the Exhibition is an idea to unite and demonstrate two basic principles of a woman-artist, that is: development of a personality in the creative activity and the natural inevitable predestination of a woman to be a keeper of the home hearth. Therefore, it is not accidental that such words as “woman-artist” and “creative cook room” stand together.

As for the latter it is full of countless shades of meaning. An artist`s “cook room” or “workshop” is a place where like in an ordinary kitchen something is always brewing and after some time it becomes “ready dish” – a finished work of art. So a main idea of the project is to present a creative process as a work of art by itself.

Practically it is not possible to foresee – when, why and how an artist`s intention turns into a work of art. And namely this point makes the whole creative process an intriguing performance. The material for this job comes from different sources. It may be sketches and drawings made
en plein , or instant impressions and thoughts, experiments with various media, searches and unexpected finds and then – the complete masterpiece. It may be development of one idea in a series of works.One and the same simple object (let it be a window or a chair , fire or water) calls forth different association in every artist. Equally, pictures and installations on one common theme show a different approach of the artists to a subject and receive their different artistic solution.

The modern world art brings together various traditions, styles and genres. This peculiarity is clearly seen in the present project. Over hundred participants of the event present different traditions from folk handicraft production to avant-gardism and from conceptualism to new hi tech.
A visitor of present day art exhibitions is a well versed viewer who expects an equal in rights dialogue with an author. The “Creative cook room” exhibition is intended for such an active and thinking viewer .

The concept of a playing non-distinction between reality and art, or a sketch and a masterpiece, a creative process and its result on one hand and the accent on WHAT COMES OUT OF WHAT and the appeal to knowledge of a viewer on the other hand will certainly make the exposition interactive.

Moreover,it is planned that the participants of the Exhibition will conduct a series of non-formal master classes for adults and children (drawing, watercolor, batic , tapestry, painting of carved-wood items).
There will be on display not only the results of the creative process but also the tools and the instruments used in it and the initial material as well. The life work of the loom as well as glass blowing and stone carving operations will certainly arouse a special interest of the visitors.
A special role will be played by the sound-and-light installations.
A bright and amusing adventure is in store for the visitors of the Exhibition.

“Creative Cookroom” - what is it?
Not my cup of tea. I don't even like theme exhibitions any more. But after some rethinking - I just love it! Creative Cookroom - it includes everything. Cooking and creativeness are the two keywords for a good life.
On top of that my studio is also literally a cookroom. It has windows to the Baltic Sea and there is a complete kitchenin one corner. There I cook most of my meals and love to entertain, too. So with this exhibition I found the real essence of my studio. Not to mention
I love to experiment with meals and art!
I found “Creative Cookroom” very innovative and inspiring and wanted to do something
new, something that I feel must be done right now. Free(dom) to do something I always
wanted to do, but have not been ready before».
Bambu Hellstedt

Bambu Hellstedt comes from the little country of Santa, where literally East meets West in all aspects, with neighbours Russia on the other side and Sweden on the other.
In her artwork, Bambu Hellstedt wants to be in direct dialogue with her audience. Being
also a theatre director by education, she looks at life through the eyes of drama and the
center figure is the human being.